Evan-Marie Petit is a visual storyteller and fine art photographer. She combines a documentary journalism background with a skilled and sensitive eye for portraiture, her images generate acclaim for their honesty, intentionality, and deep connection to the subjects. Thoughtful in her pursuit, she documents our most profound human emotions in an intentional and soulful way while bringing a unique editorial and artistic sensibility to the wedding world. With over 10 years of professional experience and 20 years total behind the camera, Evan-Marie's photographic journey has assumed a rich and colorful path.

When not photographing love & ritual she can be found out in the world working as a cause-driven documentary photographer and filmmaker with a passion for supporting environmental, cultural, and indigenous rights and movements. Please follow along @ emariepetit.com


I approach each wedding with great thoughtfulness and preparation. I’m not only a wedding photographer but also a creative and art director and I’m set on ensuring that your special day unfolds beautifully and effortlessly in the way you always wish to remember. I take into consideration every element of color, style, location, and of course the uniqueness and story of the couple themselves. On the wedding day, I’m side by side with my couples from the beginning to the completion of the day and I see each wedding as a collaboration between us. I seek to discover the nuance, the acts of devotion, shared history, and family rituals- the details that make us deep and beautiful. These images represent legacy and history itself!

Timeless portraiture is a must – and incredibly important, but not at the expense of missing out on your own celebration and the authentic documentation that follows. Documentary wedding photography, for better or for worse, is very closely linked to the ability of the photographer to capture reality in the best possible way -so as you look back on your photographs, I hope that you'll see an honest and real depiction of who you are and how you love.

Creating cinematic, dreamlike images that will stand the test of time is at the core of my work, and I consider it a profound gift to quietly witness and document the intimate moments of those I'm in conversation with. Let's honor our own hearts and be intentional about holding on tightly to the memories! I'm here to support you with this.

I honor and serve all walks of life, BIPOC & LBGTQ communities you are welcome here!