I am a visual storyteller:

a documentary photographer & filmmaker

holding space for the

beautiful and honest


My images soulfully

weave the threads that

bind our histories

to our shared future. 

I have deep respect 

for the earth, for my people, 

for ancestral wisdom.

I am passionate about

inspiring transformative 

change by telling powerful

and elegant stories.  


I have the sensitive eye

of a mother, an activist,

and an artist, 

documenting the profound

connections that

exist between us.

When I’m not photographing love, ritual & lifestyle you will find me working as a documentary photographer and filmmaker sharing stories that uplift environmental, cultural, and Indigenous rights and movements. Your support here enables me to continue sharing these stories and supporting the communities that I collaborate with. Follow along at emariepetit.com

I honor and serve all walks of life… LBGTQ+ & BIPOC community, you are welcome and encouraged here! 


I want to tell your story from the inside out. I document the real, raw, intimate moments. The beautiful, dizzying ones, and the mundane oft-forgotten ones. I tune into the beautiful details that form the heart of your story. We will document your love and story in a way that feels authentic and thoroughly magical. Together, we co-create an artistic collection that uniquely honors your journey while connecting you to the eternal story.

It is with great care that I prepare for each wedding. Photography and filmmaking is an embodied process that requires attention, empathy, and connection. As an artistic director, I offer creative guidance throughout the day to bring your vision to life. I work collaboratively with you, your team, and your guests to ensure that everything goes seamlessly, tuning into both the setting and your energy to make sure we find a beautiful rhythm throughout the day. Every detail is important - the light, landscape, weather, mood, and music. I use everything available to create emotional and cinematic images. And of course, I center your unique story at the heart of it all. Your photos and film will encapsulate the vision you have created for this day and for your future. I am by your side from the beginning until the last moments of your wedding, documenting the big moments and the quiet, often unnoticed, ones. 

While you are the center of your story, you are not alone. Your love has grown in the rich context of community. I’m always looking to discover the story within the story. The family rituals, cultural practices, and nuances that weave you into the fabric of history. We are documenting your journey as it unfolds with your chosen people at this particular moment in time.

I seek to preserve the day as you experienced it, with all of its profound and intimate moments. We’ll document the laughter, the things that didn’t go quite right, the teary embrace, and the pure ecstasy of your shared joy. And, of course, the focus of the day will be present-moment, we won’t sacrifice your authentic experience of the day to get a great shot. The photography will happen seamlessly and effortlessly, both front and center, and yet in the background of your sacred day.  My goal is to make cinematic heirlooms that are an honest depiction of who you are and how you love.